Dear Friends,

A custom of our Christian tradition is to keep vigil with Christ at different times and in different ways during Holy Week. One of the places from which we draw this custom is Jesus? request to his disciples to keep watch while he prayed and agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Walking and praying through Stations of the Cross is one way we can keep vigil with Christ during these holy days. The stations of the cross is also a way in which we follow Jesus as his disciples. And finally the stations of the cross is also a way in which we are led deeper into the mystery of our faith.

Traditionally, there are fourteen Stations of the Cross?most of them taken directly from Scripture, along with a few that have been passed down in Christian tradition. In this worship service, all fourteen stations are included so that we can experience Christ?s road to the cross as the long and arduous journey that it was.

At each station there is a scripture reading and prayer of response followed by several moments of silence so that you can listen to what Christ might have to say to you at that station.

The service will conclude in an open-ended way with the extinguishing of the candles. And prepare to watch and wait with Christ until Resurrection Sunday. Let us walk prayerfully into these moments of meditation, watching and waiting with Christ through the darkness of his death and burial so that together we can share in the joy of his resurrection.

See you at the Good Friday Service.

Revd Edwin

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